About Us

Quick Draw Shirts is a Texas based company located in the heart of Plano, TX off of George Bush Turnpike and 75 freeway. We began our screen printing company in August 2008 and have been offering our services to the community for 5 years when we decided to create our own clothing brand in December 2013. Since then we have created some pretty unique shirt designs ranging from Texas made out of Guns to Keep Calm and Reload, but all of them have been created in house and all of them are uniquely designed by our own staff. Since most of our shirts are related to guns and gun ownership, we frequently go out to gun shows and sell directly to our most frequent customer base. You may see us in shows across the country selling our brand. Now, we are offering our shirts to you to purchase on our website. Most of our shirts ship within 5 business days and are done so using tracking software and USPS. Order yours today!

Quick Draw Shirts at the TFASTS Show